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Product Information about Nike Vapor Volleyball Knee Pads

Knee Pads, as the name suggests, are protection gear worn against the knees to prevent injury and provide cushioning while kneeling or hitting the ground. Regardless of the surface, whether it is sand, grass, or any other, kneeling in the wrong way can cause serious injuries, restricting you from playing for a long time. Knee pads are required in various types of games including baseball, basketball, skateboarding, polo, tennis, volleyball, and so on. Each game has its requirements; here we’ll be talking about volleyball kneepads.

Have you ever been on a volleyball court or witnessed any player throwing themselves forward to save the ball from hitting the ground? Then you’d know how demanding and tiring sport it is. Many a time, the player ends up striking on the ground in an unfavorable position which can cause injuries in the knees or other parts. Here comes the role of Volleyball Knee Pads. Volleyball knee pads protect the patella, surrounding ligaments, and muscles, giving you the confidence to play at your best level.

Some basic features that every volleyball knee pad should have –

  • Active Support
  • Improves Agility
  • Strong and Secure
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

Nike Vapor Volleyball Knee Pads possess all the features listed above. Additionally, they feature a stretch knit construction to provide a natural range of motion. Its breathable knit supports joints while maintaining optimal temperature.

Nike Vapor Volleyball Knee Pads feature dual-layer gel integration cushions and shock-absorbing foam for improved protection and manage impact during big dives, minimizing abrasions. Its ergonomic design provides a natural feel and reduces bunching.

Its fabric consists of 41% polyester, 25% nylon, 21% ethylene vinyl acetate, 13% rubber.

These advanced Volleyball Nike Knee Pads Protector stick around the patella to help support your agility, balance, and stability when you’re running or diving hard. This implies you can be more flexible and smash the ball with superior comfort and confidence.