Nike Essential Volleyball Knee Pads

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Product Information about Nike Essential Volleyball Knee Pads

With no doubt, knees suffer a lot while playing volleyball. Throughout the game, players smash the ball and dive to the floor to save the ball from hitting the ground. Although the body responds to and changes in accordance with the fall and limits the effect of these fall. The main thing to note is to shield your knees from injury, and therefore you need to wear volleyball knee pads. Knee pads are an extraordinary method to keep up balance without influencing flexibility and simplicity of movement. Since they’re light, wearing them doesn’t influence your game. Life span in any game is underestimated, and that is the reason equipment like knee cushions have become a need. Knee pads secure the patella, or kneecap, by covering it, and they ensure the encompassing tissues and muscles by taking into account safe versatility. Knee cushions additionally energize a protected scope of movement in the knees which forestalls over expansion or breakdown.

Give your volleyball crew the security they need to perform at an undeniable level with Nike Essential Volleyball Knee Pads. With protection, they can focus on sliding or rambling out to keep the game going without having to worry about the knocks and wounds. Players can just slip the knee pads on as the ergonomic design of Nike Knee Pads guarantees that it will remain safely set up.

Following are the features of Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads:

  • These Pads are light in weight; made with contoured shock-absorbing foam ensuring maximum protection while you’re out on the ground.
  • Its short style design allows for an unrestricted range of motion.
  • The Dri-FIT knit construction and ventilation zones on the back of the knee helps to keep you cool during the game.
  • Nike Essential Volleyball Knee Pads are extra soft brushed interior lining provides comfort making it wearable for a long time.
  • The fabric of Nike Essential Knee Pads comprises 40% polyester, 30% Rubber, and 30% EVA Its length is 6.7” and width is 6.25” – which is an optimal fit for knees.
  • Its low-profile design allows players to jump and dive safely.

Don’t forget to put the Nike Essential Volleyball Knee Pads on while heading towards the volleyball court and perform to the best of your ability.