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Are you an athlete or fond of games? Love skating? Involved in the construction business? Amazing choice! But in all such activities, you need to take precautions to save your knees from tumbling or slumping. Knee pads also protect you from scrapes and burns.

Has it ever happened to you that you brought the Nike Knee Pads but they didn’t fit you or you’ve become confused with so many options available in the market?

If yes, then you’re on the right page!

Here we have prepared a detailed guide that will enable you to make an informed choice and get the right match for you.

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Quick Buyer’s Guide To Choose the Best Nike Knee Pads

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Knees are the largest joints in the human body and have a little protection on their own, known as kneecap or patella. If you fall on your knee, there are high chances of getting your ligaments or muscles damaged in the process.

That’s why it is very essential to use knee pads while doing any physical activity or playing sports including football, volleyball, skating, rollerblading, BMX, MTB, and others.  Using knee pads can support the stability of joints and reduces the chances of a knee injury, giving you the confidence to perform the best out of yourself.

Choosing a knee pad is such a strenuous task, as they are made from different materials and come in various models. Don’t stress out!

Read our below guide to choosing the right cover for your knee.

The first thing to determine while buying Nike kneepads is the kind of activity, you’re most involved in. So think about the purpose you’ll be using the pads for and buy it accordingly.

Light knee pads are useful when you go through occasional knee pains. Another type is all-rounder knee pads, these can be worn all day long and best suited for people who are not involved in heavy work but tend to kneel down a lot. Next in line is a heavy-duty knee pad, this is best for people who do heavy chores or athletes.

The next thing to look for in Nike Knee Pads is their material. Knee pads come in various types of material including elastane aka lycra, cotton, polyester, neoprene, plastic, fabric, rubber, silicone, leather, gel, metal, and others.

Another thing to consider is the padding or cushioning which is placed in the Nike kneepad. Padding has the main role in protecting your knees from severe damage. Need and type of padding differs for different activities, for example, sports knee pads, military knee pads, dancing knee pads – they all are different from each other in one or other ways. Padding can be of different materials such as foam, plastic, gel, rubber, carbon fiber, and so on.

Style and size are the next names on the list. When it comes to style and size, you get a huge number of options. There are shorter knee pads that only cover only knees and then there are longer knee pads that might cover your calf to thighs. So choose the one that perfectly fits the measurement of your leg.

Last but not the least, look at the durability, flexibility, and shock absorption capability of the knee pad. Select the knee pads that are comfortable and functional for various kinds of work. 

Considering these factors will help you to find the pair of Nike kneepads that perfectly suits your requirements. For more detailed guides, visit our blog section.